Blog posts about "education"

Meet the Queens of the Tweens

Get to know the Queens of the Tweens, three middle school Language Arts teachers who are full of creative ideas to help you become a better writer.

Take my word for it!

Meet Sondra Hall, founder of Take My Word for It!, a creative writing program for kids.

Greetings from Portugal

Students around the world use Storybird, and it's amazing to see how the power of images can inspire storytelling in so many different languages.

The power of prose

A student writes a farewell to her favorite teacher and inspires a whole school.

2014-2015 Edu Year in Review

As the school year draws to a close, we take a look at the tremendous achievements of students and educators on Storybird.

The cure for spring fever

The last two months of school can be the hardest of the year. Storybird will carry you through to the finish.