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Challenge Summary
Walk like an animal, write like an animal.

Ever wondered how a swooping owl sees the world? What about a mountain lion on the prowl? Or a salamander hiding in a stream?

For this challenge, we want you to write a story from the Point of View of an animal. Point of View (or POV) is how a character sees things in a story. For example, a tiger’s POV might be thrilling, while a giraffe’s POV is contemplative, observing the world from way up high. A bat’s POV is quick and always on the move, but an elephant’s POV is slow and patient. 

When writing from a specific Point of View, there are some things you should think about: 

  • What's unique about each POV?
  • What does one animal see that another animal might not see?
  • How does each animal’s POV shape the story?

Using JaminStill's art shop, we want you to write a story from the POV of one or more animals. That means you can show us how the king of the jungle sees the world, or you can show us the POV of all his prey! 

Just keep in mind that Storybird is a family-friendly website. That means no blood and guts. Please make sure your story follows our community guidelines before submitting. 

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