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Dragon's First Day
Dragon's First Day

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Challenge Summary
A new educational experience can be a breath of fresh fire, but what happens on the first day at a school full of dragons?

Sir Bumblefred's Prep School for Dragons – a magical institution so beloved that its attendance is sought after by every scaly, fire-breathing young pupil in the land. 

Today, we want you to write a story about a new student at Sir Bumblefred's Prep School for Dragons

Finally accepted into the prestigious school, your dragon shows up and, much like any new kid in class, faces some challenges. Here are some ideas to tackle before flying into your tale:

  • Create your dragons. What kind of features do dragons have in your universe? How large are they? Do they have any magical abilities? Do different dragons have different abilities? What colors are your characters? 
  • Find friends and foes. Does your dragon create allies and enemies at this new school? 
  • Make a motivation. What does your dragon want to accomplish here? Can you give us a backstory for them and your magical world while you're at it? 
  • Build your world. How does real life differ from everyday life at Dragon Prep?

Remember to draw inspiration from your imagination—create a unique world that only you can build. From your dragon’s name to the type of magic used in your world, try to make the details, both big and small, wholly original. 

In other words, we DON'T want to you to write about Hogwarts with dragons. You also may NOT use characters, names, or settings from the Dragon Academy game, or any other existing dragon series. Writing fan fiction and using other people's ideas are not allowed on Storybird.  

To learn more about how to build your very own, totally original fantasy world, check out this course with Shannon Messenger, the best-selling author of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series!

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