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Seasonal Prose
Seasonal Prose

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Challenge Summary
Create an evocative prose poem about your favorite season.

A cool autumn breeze carries familiar, childhood scents. Memories of seasons past wash over you, and you feel a swell of emotion, rising like the Harvest Moon on the horizon.

For this challenge, we want you to write a Prose Poem about your favorite season. Spring, fall, winter, summer…whichever you like! 

Prose Poetry is exactly what it sounds like—poetry written in a prose style. This means that, like prose fiction (i.e. novels, short stories), there are no line breaks. However, Prose Poetry does utilize poetic language and tools  like repetition and sonic devices, as well as luscious descriptions, similes, and metaphors. 

When writing a Prose Poem, there a few things you should remember: 

  • Think of it like poetry, not fiction: this isn’t really a story. You’re putting your heart on the page like a poet, not a novelist. And poets use figurative language
  • Don’t use line breaks: You can use paragraph breaks, but you shouldn’t be writing lines of poetry. 
  • Include free association: Free association is your mind wandering. Does that orange remind you of a pumpkin? That pumpkin of Halloween? Halloween, which means candy? 

Be sure to recall the feelings and events that make this season special to you. Read this guide to writing Prose Poetry to help you with this challenge. 

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