love is like a game of chess, one false move and you’re
Okay, I didn’t mean to egg Scarlett Johan (AKA most popular girl in the entire grade’s) dog.
It just kinda-well happened.
What I was aiming for was her older brother which in my defense he does kinda look like a dog.
But that’s not the point.
Anyway, I chucked the egg and that dumb dog ran right in front of him.
So splat.
It felt like slow-mo what I watched it happen.
The thing exploded all over the dog’s mangy fur like a bomb.
And I was left standing in the doorway with eggshells everywhere.
So that’s why I’m in the most popular girl’s house scrubbing the floor.
For the record, it’s totally worth it, even if I get nasty wrinkly fingers that look like dried prunes.
I’m trying not to stare around her house but it’s tough.
Who has a chandelier that big?
I grabbed one of their wooden chairs and jumped on it, reaching for it.
Then I was on the chandlier, flying back and forth.
‘’WOOHOO!’’ I wiggled my legs.
Of course while I was swinging, I thought of the song.
So then I had to sing it, which I did.
Just then the door swung open and I froze, my body suspended in mid-air.
Oh snap.
There stood the most popular girl in the entire grade.
‘’Scarlett! Hey..I um..didn’t see you there. I was the chandelier,’’ I cleared my throat.
What do you mean you didn’t see her? She’s standing right THERE!
‘’It’s um..very shiny,’’ I winced as one of the lights cut into my back.
Man, those things could be used as swords.
‘’You were cleaning it?’’ she put down the grocery bags.
I looked away and made sure it seemed like I was doing something.
‘’In the air?’’ she added.
Yup yup.
‘’Easiest way you know,’’ I tried desperately.
Scarlett sighed and brought a chair over, scraping it on the floor. Oh no, she was getting closer.
What if I started to scream?
‘’Get down before my butler sees,’’ she ordered a hint of laughter in her voice.
I wonder if his name was Alfred.
I slipped onto the chair and grinned giving her a thumbs up.
‘’Why are you here anyway? And what’s that on your cheek?’’ she squinted at me.
I wanted her to wipe it off, (you know like in the movies?) but that wasn’t going to happen.
I brushed at my face which felt hot to the touch.
‘’I um..well I egged your dog,’’ I sheepishly said.
Scarlett’s eyebrows raised and she started to laugh behind her hand.
Why did girls always do that?
‘’So that’s why Rocky had egg shells in his fur,’’ she muttered.
Ah, so that’s the dog’s name.
Kinda described a lot in my life. Rocky.
‘’This is um..awkward,’’ Scarlett cleared her throat. Then she fiddled with her jeans.
The most popular girl in the whole grade wore jeans?
I always thought she had skirts and tights on. At least she did at school.
‘’Well I better get going. My brother has a football game,’’ I itched my nose.
Scarlett didn’t seem interested but she smiled anyway.
‘’Maybe I’ll see you on a chandelier again?’’ I felt her start to push me away.
Oh God, how stupid are you?
A chandelier?
She laughed again, (Two times in a row I might add) and started to shut the golden door on me.
‘’Or we can just hang out. As friends. I mean I don’t know you much-‘’
She slammed it in my face, which made my ears ring.
And that ladies and gents is how I fell even more in love with Scarlett Johan then I already was.
I’ve known her since second grade by the way.
Woah Woah, we’re not done yet.
This is just the beginning.
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