- Five -
Mia number five
My fingertips attached to cut off the rest of the sky from my vision, a fuzzy, white cloud covering the small diamond shape out of the sky. I missed being up there, even though I had never been. It was like there was a craving within me to be there.
“Mia number five, please return yourself to the East Campus Laboratories before more forceful methods are to be used.”
The voice snapped my fingers apart, sending them touching the moist ground so I could lift myself. I hated the name, Mia number five, I hated the place, Laboratories, I hated it all.
I hated being a clone.
It was like taking all the love and joy from a life; All the meaning and adventure and hope. It took even the thought of purpose away from mankind. It made us all slabs of meat with valuable parts inside us. At the very least it seemed that way.
“Mia number five. Last call.”
The roar of a search copter taking off came from the east, cutting through the noise of the water and the breeze in my ears. It stole the peace and the solitude and the purpose that moment gave me.
“I’m coming,” I mumbled, even though it was clearly no use. The copter was already launched, and that didn’t matter because they couldn’t hear me either way.
The ground was like slime beneath my feet as I ran, muddy and moist.
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