My head spins as sunlight streams through the room. I glance at the time on my alarm clock. 8:02. Why is the world so cruel? I groan and drag myself out of bed, only to land once more in a heap on the floor.
I snuggle up in a pile on the ground, but as I’m about to drift off to dreamland, my calendar catches my eye. June 21st. I rack my sleepy and dazed head for a label. It finally hits me. Today is the first day of summer!
With new energy, I get up, buzzing with excitement. I throw open my closet doors and hunt for a suitable pair of clothes. I finally spot one, cute green capris with a white shirt. I take a quick peek at my phone to see if I have any new tweets on Facebook before skipping downstairs.
As usual, my mom is already up. She greets me with a warm smile when she spots me.
“Hey, Luna. Want a bite?”, she asks gently.
I smile and nod my head.
“Yeah, I’m kinda hungry,” I say sheepishly.
She gives winks and hands me a plate of waffles as she goes to her office. I dig in, finally relieved to taste food again. Soon, I’m done with it and have syrup all over the edge of my mouth. I rinse my plate in warm water and leave a note for Mom, telling her I’m riding my bike to the library.
I grab my book bag and head into the garage to wheel out my bike. It’s a beat up black one that I’ve had for years but still can’t bear to donate or sell. Mom is always nagging me to get a new bike, but the answer is always a no, so I guess she’s given up trying. Good news for me. I hop on my bike and double check the garage closes behind me. Our town is quiet as I pedal down the street, and I only see a few lone cars or joggers.
I reach the library fairly quickly, parking my bike and locking it in a stand. Our library is a small, one-floor building that’s usable, but has probably seen better days. Personally, I don’t care. It’s still a pretty neat place to hang out in, especially on a day like today.
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