I stretched on the floor while I waited for Lucy to come online. Lucy had been my best friend ever since I’d helped her clean up a peanut butter stain on her shirt in first grade. Her parents were divorced, so she spent the school year with her mom here, in Idaho, and the summer in South Dakota, where her dad lived.
I missed her like crazy every summer even though we called or IMed every day, but at least we could talk. My phone vibrated beside me, and I scooped it up. Lucy was online!
LucyCat2000: Hey girl
LunaGirl: Hey back 2 u
LucyCat2000: Anything new?
LunaGirl: not much. Bumped in 2 Margeret 2day @ library
LucyCat2000: Cool
LunaGirl: Also got new neighbors
LucyCat2000: Sweet! Tell me about them
LunaGirl: k, i will
LucyCat2000: sorry, gtg. Dad taking us 4 ice cream :P
LunaGirl: lucky! CU soon
LucyCat2000: Bye! Luv ya
LunaGirl: U 2
Lucy’s icon flickered off the screen as I clicked off my phone. I twirled my already curly hair around my finger and slowly got up. Just as I did, a sharp knock came from the front door.
Mom’s voice came from her office. “Honey, do you mind grabbing that? I’ll be there soon,” she called.
“Sure,” I said as I walked downstairs. I opened the front door slowly to see two similar faces of a girl and a boy that look about my age. I quickly connected them to be the people I saw coming out the moving van and the boy I spied on today. Oops. The girl has wavy dark brown hair down to her stomach and warm chocolate-brown eyes. She’s dressed in a cute summer top and capris.
She sticks out her hand as an offer to shake hands.
“Hi, I’m Alexandra, but most people just call me Lex,” she says confidently.
I smile shyly and shake her hand.
“We’ve moved right next door, and I guess we were pretty pumped to meet you guys,” she continues.
The boy nods his head in agreement. Now that I look at him, he is cute. He has a quick smile and just like Lex, warm chocolate brown eyes.
“Hey, I’m Damen. Lex and I are twins,” he motions to his sister, “and I’m also pumped to meet you guys,” he replies.
I feel myself blushing as I think of something to say, but to my relief, my mom comes over.
“Hi, I’m Tara, Luna’s mom,” she said as she squeezed my shoulder, “We’re thrilled to meet you guys! Feel free to go to Luna’s room or come to the kitchen,” she says warmly.
Both Damen and Lex smile. “I’ve got to unpack, but Lex can stay,” he says. Lex nodded and gave me a confident smile. “Yeah, I’d love to come over, Luna.”
Damen salutes us as I close the door behind him. “Let’s go upstairs now,” I say, motioning for her to follow me as Mom leaves to go to the kitchen.
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