My Dream by 12554707

BY Evelyn (12554707)
My Dream
My name is Brenda . My dream in life was to be rich, very rich. I wanted to have a beautiful house, fancy clothes, and a handsome fare prince. I had been working since I was 5 years old. It was very hard work, but I wanted to make sure my dreams could come true. I was very young when my father died. Shortly after my father died, my mother died too. Although they had worked very hard, they had no money saved for me after their death. Which meant, I had to work even harder.
My only sister, May, ran away to live with a dragon after our parents’ death. I was very worried.
I decided to go search for her. That’s when I met the Queen and King and Prince of the kingdom. The Prince was very handsome and kind. He offered to help me find my sister.
I had been so lonely. I really enjoyed traveling with the prince in search of my sister. It was like my dream was coming true. It was wonderful.
We finally found my sister and convinced her to come home. I missed the prince a lot after May and I returned home.
One day, the Prince came to see May and me. He had missed me too. He told us we could live in his castle . I was excited because it was as if my dreams were coming true.
The Prince had fallen in love with me. He asked me to marry him. May and I would live in the castle with the Prince. I was so happy! My dream was now complete.
We lived happily ever after...
...a dream come true.
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