My Dream by 12554707

BY Evelyn (12554707)
My Dream
Rylie Anne Blanton
Until her best friend came she looked different . She was beautiful . I was exited to see her again . I went to her. Hey what are you doing here I told her , I just came to see you , do you want to go to my palace . You have your own kingdom “ said” Rylie . Yeah do you want to see my castle I told her. Yes said Rylie.
We walked all the way to my castle . We got there very soon .
I went to see what was May doing . She was in the little tree . “Hey i’m Rylie “.
Hi i’m May said May kind of shy. After two days . We went to the beach cause Rylie was leaving back to her city . We waved back. Now this is a really lived happily ever after.
Chapter 1
Chapter 3

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