when you are a hidden star!!
Shy star
I use to be a shy girl especially when I sang. But what was the essence when I was not even noticed?. My friends Maya and Helen were in the school choir, I saw the interest and courage they had while they sang. I wanted to sing but I was shy. To be truthful most of the people in my school didn’t notice that I was in that school because I was all alone. Finally end of the term came, the day my two bestie had been waiting for to sing. Ten more days to go. We schooled in Western high school. My friend Maya was amazed when she entered my house one day and caught me singing and dancing with my dog. ‘’OMG WOW you have a nice voice she said to me.’’Thanks’’ I said. ‘’but why don’t you wanna sing anywhere’’ she asked me being amazed ‘’nothing just that am shy I replied. ‘’we need to fight this shyness out of you and I bet you you will sing in this school before we leave that school’’ Maya said. It was like a threat to me.I only laughed. The day before the end of the year party, Helen had a cold on her chest and was not able to sing. ‘’Who do you think can replace you for now?’’ the music director asked her while we were all at her house guess what??? she pointed me,they was no exception. I sang that day and they all clapped for me. They told me I had a powerful voice that moved mountains.Now I know I was a hidden star. Now everyone calls me ‘the girl with the sweetest voice’ am now known for something what are you know for??. Go think about it and know where you belong.

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