Getting Ready
I run my hands over the rough pages of books. I smell the scent if fresh ink on pages. I savor them. Then I hear an unusual sound coming out of nowhere and I cover my ears. A harsh beep is emerging from nowhere. I realize that it is coming from my alarm clock. I smash my hand on the snooze button and open my eyes. I sign. Today is my first day at school at Maplewood High. I just moved to Star City a few weeks ago. I used live in Central City. I pull my La La Land covers and feel the icy wind. I am obsessed with the movies La La Land. After watching it I listen to only the music from La La Land. I go and brush my teeth and take a short shower. I change into a pair of jeans, a T-shirt that has a picture of La La Land. I go to the bathroom and look at my reflection. I have white skin and blonde hair. I grab a comb and brush my hair. I take a rubber band and tie my hair. I then put on some lip gloss and mascara. I grab my bag and add a new La La Land Key chain. Then I grab my bag and put my stuff inside. I grab my converse and head downstairs. Before I leave I take a quick glance at my La La Land poster.
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