Book 1
The Unknown
The Rage From The Past
We were headed down the hallway to lunch.
Satinwind High School was a normal busy school. I, Jess Waterlin, sat across from my
sister Emmalee and Ben Litmond while Natalia Watson and Max Gavinsal sat by her. We were
always talking at the lunch table. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and so does my sister, our Grandmother says that we look just like our mother.
Ben has hair as black as a raven with eyes so emerald you’d think they were gemstones. Natalia has eyes as black as a new moon and hair the color of dark chocolate. Max has hair as red as a bonfire, and eyes shy blue, which flow with his personality.
“Hey, Natalia, how is volleyball?” asked Max curiously. “It’s pretty great so far, Dayna still thinks she is team captain and her little servants Saydi and Fiona still believe she is queen.”
She said with sarcasm. We chuckled for a moment.
Dayna Smarcet is a popular girl in our grade, which is 10th, she always thinking she is the best.
Her brown hair and navy blue eyes are always full of sarcasm and hate, but somewhere is inside her, I have a feeling deep down, that there is some good inside her.
Her little friends Saydi Dather a black hair and brown eyes follower and
Fiona Romant who has bright blonde hair with hazel eyes always follow her around and praise her for everything.
“So, Emmalee, how about basketball did you win your first game last week?” I wondered as my sister fixed her fruit salad. “Yah, we were slacking a little, but we picked up the pace towards the end and made a good comeback.” she said.
“Uh oh...” said Max quickly “Here comes Dayna and her people.” He said with a hint of fright.
“How has your worthless lives been ever since your poor mommy and daddy died Emmalee and Jess?” Said Dayna sarcastically to my sister and I.
Ever since my mom and dad were in an accident when I was little no one
ever said anything like that to me. No one says that to me and I was not going to let her get away with it this time.
I slid across the table in between Ben and Emmalee attempting to yank her tray onto the floor until my friends stopped me suddenly.
“Don’t.” Said Emmalee sadly but I could feel the rage inside of her as she went back to focus on her salad.
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