SHe thought he did
The Zipper Man
Claire Zorger worked in a small office in London, her earrings dangling to her shoulders. Claire wore blue jean pants with a wrinkled pink top and shiny brown boots. Claire sat in her harmless office watching the news, like all the other workers in the building. Although Claire couldn’t see it now, something she could never imagine was apon her.
The Zipper Man, or Zack London, who ironically lived in London, had been arrested for breaking in to the biggest bank in London, and he had been caught red handed in the process. Why the zipper man? Zack always wore a jacket with many different zippers, and nobody knows why.
Later that day, Claire rushed to the prison to visit her dad, who had been falsely accused of killing two men. Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday she visited.
Claire got through the security check very soon and left her purse behind. She had to stifle the thought of the zipper man coming at her, probably because she was scared.
It would’ve been impossible to know what was about to happen next.
Zack London marched through the visiting room, accompanied by two guards. Claire’s fear was released, and as if a snowball, a new feeling arose. Claire could see the zipper man ahead of her, and his face tilted towards her in a sly smile. And at that moment in time, Claire was in love.
Zack’s features among his face could be distinguished from a mile away. Zack had jet black hair and bony cheeks. His skin was pale like a vampires and his ears were even paler, except mostly covered by his shaggy hair.
Claire was in love.
Claire rushed over to the table in which her father sat and handed him a Get Well Soon card in which his sister, her aunt, had given to Claire to give to him.
“Love you daddy,” Choked out Claire.
“I’ll see you friday Elsie,” Laughed Claire’s father at her bent and tangled facial expression.
Elsie was a nickname for Claire, meaning lovely claire. It was that single name that brought Claire to her feet with such a short visit. That and her new idea. Love at first sight can’t be through a prison bar...
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