I shoved a circle lens into my eye, wincing at how much discomfort they cause me in the first few minutes they entered my eyes. I never really liked my eyes, they were hazel but it seemed like they had way more brown then green. So I decided to wear green contacts that made my eyes bigger, along with a tad bit of makeup every day. Ever since mom died things seemed to escalate, my self esteem fell to the lowest it could ever be, and things were just sucky. I’m really short, and my old friends used to say that it made me really cute, I don’t really mind it, but sometimes I wish people would take me seriously more often
After mom’s death Dad and I decided it would be best for both of us if we moved away from our big city town to a small town called Havenhollow that was very far away from any bad nostalgia we might feel. Dad was able to score a large ranch and mansion for real cheap, it’s probably cause the house was really messy and needed a lot of fixing up. Dad has been making a business of his ranch for the longest time, so we packed up our animals, and personal belongings and left for Havenhollow.
I went downstairs where I found my dad eating breakfast.
“Hey Emily, why don’t you get walking to school? And I made you a waffle for the road.” he said, handing me one of his homemade waffles. I managed to get a few bites of it, but I couldn’t bring myself to eat any more of it. I waved goodbye and set off for the long walk to school.
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