What if you were suddenly famous?
15 Minutes of Fame
The Quiet One
I was always the quiet one, no one ever notices me. Too shy to be the center of attention, too scared to be open and social. This is the probably main reason I only have oh-so-many friends. From preschool to now, which is 8th grade, I only made two friends, but they stuck to me till now. But most of the time, it would be just me and my mp3 player. You see, I love music, I also love to sing. But well, I’m of course too shy to do so. Until the Blackout Dance, I’ve never sung more than one or two people.
“You know it used to be mad love. So take a look at what you’ve done, ” Knocks on the door! I stopped singing immediately, I would absolutely FREAK if anyone but my family or friends heard me sing. I opened my room door and was relieved to see my BFFs, Jolie, and Gabby.
“Hey Sara, heard you singing again. You are such an amazing singer!” Gabby complimented me. Jolie nodded really fast. I blushed, “Thanks, guys, but I know you’re saying that only because you’re my friends.”
“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” Jolie was freaking out! “You are like, the best singer at school! Maybe the whole city!!!”
“I wouldn’t go that far...” I said in doubt, I mean, New York City is a pretty big place, “I’m definitely below average...”
“Below average?!” Now Gabby was going crazy, “You are way above extraordinary!” I looked up at the ceiling and clasped my hands together, “If you find Jolie and Gabby’s marbles, please return them.”
“OMG, best idea ever!” Gabby exclaimed, “You should sign up for the Blackout Dance Talent Show!”
My eyes widened, “No way! You’re flipping crazy! You know how serious my stage fright is!”
Jolie sighed, rolled her eyes, and grinned, “Look, Sara, if you don’t win, Gabby and I will rush on stage and do the chicken dance with sound.” Ooh, that was a good deal.
“...But if you win, which will of course happen, you have to get us cake and hold a celebration dinner for us. With cake. Oh yeah, did I mention cake?”
“Fine, you got me. I love it when you guys do the chicken dance.”
“Hey! Why include me, Jolie? You were the one that made up the deal.”
“Oh, just go along with it, Gabby.”
And we burst out laughing.

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