Cortez was a dreamer. He dreamed of impossible things. But, what he doesn’t know is that in the future he will only overcome one.
The shadow loomed over Cortez’s house. The wind blew hard, but his house stayed in place. Cortez was sleeping. A small twinkling light flew over cortez and landed on his forehead. It was a firefly. Cortez’s window was open. The wind blew in and silently blew cortez into the air to somewhere new.
“Ahhhh!” He screamed. Two pirates are looking at him.
“Why are you here, and where do you come from.” A pirate with a low voice demanded.
“I come from Earth, and I mean no harm.” Cortez said.
“Oh, then you would like to be a pirate.” The other pirate said, who has a squeaky voice. He was also shorter and skinnier than the other one.
“Come with me.” The large bulky man with the low voice said.
Cortez walked past many large men, with lots of muscles. So far, he had only seen a wimpy one. the squeaky pirate was the wimpy one.
“Maybe, I am also a wimp...” Cortez thought. But, he just wanted that thought to go somewhere else.
Cortez and the two pirates had finally arrived. Cortez saw only a small cabin. The skinny one knocked at the door.
“Come in, Calico Jack, and Bart Bart.” A man said from the cabin.
“Calico Jack must be the tough guy...” Cortez thinks to himself.
But the man in the cabin who seems like the leader, broke his thought.
“Calico Jack go complete your chores, Bart Bart go fetch me water, and you little one sit right there.” The man said pointing to a fine leather chair.
The tough guy left the cabin and Bart Bart who was the skinny one went to the corner of the room and started filling a cup with water. The cup was already next to the teapot, which of course was really hot.
The leader stayed silent until, Bart Bart retrieved the water for the leader.
“Now leave.” The leader said, to Bart Bart.
Bart Bart left and closed the door behind him. The door squeaked. The leader took a long sip of water then began talking.
“I am the leader of the ship. My name is Captain Benjamin Horni. You may call me captain. Say, boy, what is your name?” Said the captain.
“My name is Cortez.” Cortez said.
“I shall give you a name. It will be your other half of your name.”
“I wonder what my other half of the name will be?”
The leader thought, and thought, while thinking he drank water. At the end he drank all the water and thought of a good one.
“you shall be, Cortez Cromwell.” The captain said. Then he added, “Cromwell is one of the bravest names. I have a feeling that you will be really brave.”
“Thank you?” Cortez said.
“Your welcome, Cortez Cromwell. Now I have a job for you. You need to clean my cabin at dawn. You are not allowed to search through my things but clean. Right now, I will call Fillie Dang. He will escort you to your room. Make yourself comfortable.” The captain ordered.
“Fillie Dang!” The captain yelled from his cabin.
Fillie Dang came in the cabin fast and he couldn’t stop at the door. He banged his shoulders against the door to protect himself, but the door unattached and went flying in the air. With a, “Plunk”, the door fell into the sea.
The captain yelled at Fillie Dang for a long time, and finally told him to get Cortez to his room. It was a spare room for any new pirates. Fillie Dang and Cortez didn’t say anything while they were heading to the spare room. Some other pirates are making a door for the captain. Cortez, saw many pirates working hard. Some were loading the cannons with ammo, and some were sitting round’ a table looking at a map.
“They must be preparing for something.” Cortez said aloud. He didn’t notice that he actually said it.
“There has just been a warning, so we are preparing for battle. Our enemy Captain SeaMan wrote the note. It said that they are attacking after this hour. You need to get some sleep first. You must be really tired.” Fillie DAng said.
“Where do you come from...your accent....I never heard anyone talk like that.” Cortez told Fillie Dang.
“I come from china.” Fillie dang responded.
Without a warning there was a gun shot from somewhere, but not on their ship.
“It’s an early attack!” The captain yelled while throwing open the new cabin door.
Then Everybody started running around preparing, and panicking.

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