You Don’t
Help Me!
The First One
Melody sighed and looked up. Her father was talking to her,”Melody, now that you are 17 years old, and going to Juilliard for music schooling, you have to start taking more responsibility, you know. I’m not saying you don’t do it. No, don’t roll your eyes. You’re much too shy! Don’t you want to get a boyfriend, be popular, all those things high school girls want?”, “Dad, I just want to get myself a good training for school, and become the best singer and guitarist ever! That’s all! I don’t care about boys, at all!” Her dad sighed and said,”Mellie, I know, but, well, I want you to have a good life after college and everything, so please try.” Melody sighed, then said,”Okay, Dad, but I don’t really see much use for that.” Her dad smiled thinly and said,”Good girl!”
Melody walked upstairs into her room, a purple and blue room with a one-person mattress bed, a suitcase full of clothes, and music notes all over the place. She was an only child, with a fondness for guitar music and singing. She was quite pretty, with long black hair, good complexion, and strange beautiful purple-black eyes that seemed to glow when you looked at them for some time.
She opened the drawer next to her bed, and got out a red photo book. Inside were photos of a young girl (Melody), next to a smiling woman, who looked a lot like Melody (her mom), holding a guitar, which was the same guitar Melody used. A tear slid off her cheek, as she remembered her mother. She stared at the picture for a little bit, then put the book away. She stood up and packed for her trip.
“Gonna break myself free, yeah, with the music, music, inside o’ me, inside o’ me,” I sang quietly. “Don’t stop now, here to shout, shout, that you’re right next to me, saying I’m fine, I’m fine.” I looked outside, from the taxi, to the country I was passing through. I sighed. Leaving home isn’t very fun, but, if it’s for music school, well, I’ll go. And I’m going to the best one there is! Juilliard! I couldn’t believe it when I got accepted to it! That was one of my best days ever! I mean, seeing as I love music (especially my guitar music), it’s definitely a dream come true. My dad loves music too, but piano music instead of guitar music. I might be good at the guitar, and maybe even singing but I’m horrible at making up lines as I go. Wait-I think I see Juilliard! OMG! It looks amazing! Then again, looks aren’t everything. Or are they?
Sorry about this chapter being so short, but I wanted it to be like a small prologue! Like, to explain what’s going on, so I didn’t make it too long! Sorry! However, other chapters are going to be like this too, because I don’t have too many ideas for them! If anyone can put some, that’d be great!

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