A special school for special kiDs
180 Days
Charleston Academy was a very special school. For very special students. The wait list didn’t exist. That’s why 8 students, became unexpected friends.
Charleston Academy you had to be the smartest of the smart. Like a Valedictorian of Valedictorians. Not 2 people from the same school could get in the same year. Every year, they choose one student from the 6th grade, to come to their school for 7th grade, from almost every school in the Country.
These 8 Kids Were,
Ellie (El-ee): You Wouldn’t Beleive How Good Pianist, Vocal Chords, of an Angel
Dana(Day-nah): Amazing Trumpet Player, One Of The Best In The Country
Sariah (sah-rye-ah): Amazing Actress, Has Been In 5 Movies She Is Also An Amazing Ballerina She is the Youngest Ballerina To Ever Be In The French Opera Ballet.
Ada (a-duh): Cartoonist Has Published 50 Cartoons
Meg (Like Nutmeg): Turtle Expert Has Been Known As A World Renowned Scientist, She Made A Mutation of A Turtle and a Panda She called it the Purtle
Nate, Nathan, Nathaniel: Amazing Sprinter, Went to Nationals His First Year on Track, Actor, Has Been Also In 5 Movies
David(Day-vid) Bug Expert, Can Tell You The First 70,000 Digits of Pi
Cody(Code-ee): Math Genius, Can Do Almost Any Math Problem
There are your characters, hope you learn to like them, or hate them. I might try to make you mad with some characters, but that’s my job right? Credit to GoldenGoddess331, for the idea of a pronunciation guide. applause but anyways, this book is called 180 days for the days of the school year, I can’t decide, I probably most likely won’t do 180 chapters, I might do like 5 days a chapter, but yeah we’ll find out. I know my characters have interesting names, but well I tried to be unique. So hope you enjoy the book!
-Never Close The Doors To Imagination
So now you know
-these kids are smart
- their names
-and there talent
And what’s the last thing you need to know, is what they look like!
Ellie: 5ft 3, Dark Brown Hair, That Goes, Right Past Her Shoulders, Dark Brown Eyes, Clear Braces, and Always Has a Microphone Handy
Dana: 5ft5, Dark Brown Curly Hair, That Goes To Her Shoulders, Blue Glasses, She Always Has Her Trumpet Case
Sariah: 5ft 4, Straight Light Brown Hair, That Has Natural Blonde Highlights, Side Swept Bangs, Hair Goes To Her Armpits, Light Brown, Blue, and Green, Eyes
Ada: 5ft 2, Light Blonde Hair, Goes To Her Chin, Blue Eyes, Freckles
Meg: 5ft, Brown Hair, That reaches Just Between Her Chin, And Shoulders, Pink Highlights, Green Eyes.
Nathaniel: 5ft 5 Short Red Hair, Black Glasses, Lots of Freckles, Blue Eyes.
David: 5ft 3, short blonde haircut
Nathaniel: 5ft 5 Short Red Hair, Black Glasses, Lots of Freckles, Blue Eyes.
David: 5ft 3, short blonde hair, Blue Eyes, black glasses.
Cody: 5ft, Black Hair, Brown Eyes
So is that what you imagined the characters would look like? I not well then sorry to disappoint, but there is how they look. So I should probably actually start the book now, see you next chapter!

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