Imagine ActuaLly beiNg inside a video game...
The simulator
Playing video games in the future made pretty much anything else seem pretty ordinary by comparison. All you needed was a simulator, a legendary console that had been millions of dollars to buy, but then became quite cheap over the years. Almost every family had one. These days, only the premium collectors had the original consoles. Marcus felt like the luckiest person in the world to be in this era. It was year two thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. Everyone was looking forward to the three thousand year anniversary. Anyways, the simulator was kind of like a computer, that was connected to different systems with different plugs that led you to the diverse games. There was some other weird science stuff that teleported you, which was very cool but kind of hard to explain. But the best part, of everything the simulator had to offer were avatars, which you could make yourself, and for free. However, to get special powers, you had two choices. Paying was the simplest, most common choice. Wouldn’t be worth it, afterwards? The other option was darker, and only few dared to risk it. Hacking the system. To do this though, you had to be a pro. You had to take grueling lessons from the best of the best. With the right change, of course. This was what Marcus did. If you got caught, they took away your powers, then you were consoles for any suspicious activity afterwards. To not get caught you had to be cunning, sharp and take courses from low profile hackers. The risk takers only took lessons minor hackers, who barely knew enough not to get caught. They were smart enough to take courses, but Marcus thought he’d dig a bit deeper for someone more experienced. That was when he decided to test his luck and a passing rumor. His neighborhood wasn’t exactly the type to gossip, but after researching a bit, he found his salvation. It was a rare rumour, about a hacker that must have been very powerful, or the Terminators (a squad of trained simulator users who baisically capture hackers for their life.) So Marcus payed with his own money to teleport to the Under Town then he took a bus to the house. It was shabby, not much more than a shack, especially compared to one of the premium cloud houses, which towered over his own regular cloud house like a hotel. The rumor was that a legendary hacker lived here, but it was mainly dismissed as regular gossip. Marcus knocked at the door, a bit of nervousness flickering inside him. The knock was special knock to alert the person that there was a hacker at their door. A flap of wood opened and Marcus caught a glimpse of a bright green eye.
“What are you here for?” The man growled, as the door was pushed open.
“You are Grim, the master hacker, right?” Marcus questioned, trying to sound far more confident than he felt.
The two green eyes stared into his soul, worrying him.
“Yes? And?” Marcus let out a breath he did not know he was holding.
“I want to take lessons from the best there is. I’ve heard that your the best their is.” Marcus explained. The grizzled hacker’s eyes darted to each side, then he whisked inside, beckoning Marcus.
“I’ll teach you a couple things.”
It was then that Marcus had almost guaranteed his future to become one of the powerful hackers in the entire universe.
Then Grim got caught. It had started simply enough. He was trying to do a normal scam to get a new power up, but, out of nowhere, Terminators appeared. He’d put up quite a fight, or so Marcus had heard. In the end, no one could beat the Terminators, not even expert hackers. It was then that Marcus tried to do as little hacking as he could, for who when the Terminators would strike again? That had been years ago, and Marcus was sure the Terminators had stopped scanning the digital world as hard as they used to. Marcus thought the Terminators were finally done.
That was where he was wrong.
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