The Competition
The Announcement
Julian and his sister Amy were at school at the end of the day. They go to the same club, robotics club. They sprinted to their classroom. “Ok, we’re here!” Julian walked with his sister and sat down.
“Ok, class, we have a special event that’s involving our robotics team.” The teacher said. “Well, what is it?” Amy asked. “Well, you have to take a test. Pretty stupid. Of course, I’m enforcing this to all of you.” The teacher passed out the test. “You’ll have 30 minutes to do this, good luck!”
Julian and Amy finished first in 10 minutes, the others, took 20 minutes.
“Ok, Since were finished, why not we work on our robotics kit and build?” The teacher place the box on the table with all the club members surrounding it. “Well, what are we gonna do?” Julian asked. “We have to build a robot or machine we can control.” Amy said. “Ok, what are the rounds?” Kiki asked. The teacher layed a piece of paper down with the rounds.
Rounds: R = Round
R1- lift boxes to a shelf
R2- break a tv
R3- Battle Royal ( 1 vs 1 battle)

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