My head throbbing, I swim to the shore. I wash up on the sharp sand, gasping for my life. Where am I? With salt in my eyes, and blood in my clothes, I look around. That’s when I spot the ship, sinking. It sinks so rapidly, until all I see is the golden horizon, laying on the vast blue cloth of ocean. Then I remember.
I was on holiday, by myself. For the first time in so long I was happy. Without a care in the world. Sat laying on my cosy hammock, daydreaming, the comforting noise of the old fashioned clock, sat on the birch table ticking, eleven fifteen, eleven twenty, half eleven, eleven fourty two.
My joy was soon crippled by the noise of gunshot, screaming, explosions...
So I’m here, I need shelter, I need food, I need heat. So I set out trying to find firewood, in the tropical forest that surrounds me. I gather some wood and start a fire. My eyes water in the raging heat, blinded by the light, as I stay there for the night.
I wake up to the tropical birds, squawking vigorously like a siren. I search out, looking for food. I can’t imagine hunting for a living creature, so I hoped to find some fruit.
I managed to find a rain puddle of not necessarily clean water, but water nevertheless. I travel on through the infinite journey of trees and vines until I reach a tall, wrecked building. The smashed lifeless eyes of the corpse’s structure stared right back at me, compelling me to enter. I pulled my way through vines and shrubs, until I reached the inside, which was full of lizards, snakes and reptiles. I am terrified of snakes. I run, prickling and stinging my bare legs, not turning back, and suddenly I’m lost. I trip. The snakes coil around me, choking me, I struggle to move. Tighter and tighter it wraps it’s scaly body around me. I scream as I take one last breath.
I wake up in a start. It was all a dream. The smell of salt rushes up my nose, the ripple of the ocean waving ms along. The tick, tock, tick of the clock ahead. It’s eleven fourty one.
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