Same Difference
Layla’s Point of View
I’m Layla Marie Mulvey. Or Layla Viloria Cervas. Depends which side of the family your asking. So, I guess it’s time to introduce myself. I am 12 years old, in going into grade eight. My parents are were never married, they didn’t divorce, they broke up. My moms side acts like my moms married to her boyfriend Mario, a movie editor, and they act like me and my sisters are his children. My sisters are total introverts so I barely ever see them, I’m the middle child. Since I’m twelve I should be able to move in with my dad. Frankly that’s not an option for me, my dads in jail for drug trafficking. I don’t talk about it much, but it’s happened. No use in acting like it didn’t. I have really long dark black and brown hair, fair skin, and really dark brown eyes.
One day I was in my room watching my favorite show, ***** (I don’t want to specify the show) and then just like that it ended. It looked like they were going to continue the show, just not at the moment.
Then I get the insane idea. What if they needed extra characters for the show? So I go on the creators twitter, and it turns out they do! So I decide I might audition. I get ready, brush my hair, make sure it’s not greasy. Then I click on the link in the description. The script isn’t very long, just three paragraphs. I’m repeating it in my head now. I get ready, I’m now ready.
Audition time
Hi my names Layla Marie Mulvey, I am 12 years old.
The camera’s rolling, no one in my family notices. Mom and Mario are probably in their room doing god knows what, and my sisters are in my older sister Rocky’s room probably scrolling through Instagram together.
The words are just flowing out now, with all the necessary emotions and just a little more than that.
“And that was my audition,” I finally say.

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Chapter 2

The Results Layla’s Point of View

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