Writer’s Block
Writer’s Block
I sit at my wooden desk
And stare out at the sky,
For ideas fail to come to the fore
No matter how hard I try.
I’ve scribbled, scratched and plotted hard,
My bin is over-flowing
With crumpled balls of bad ideas;
Seeds that never began growing
I look around in desperation,
My head a mass of fuzz.
No ideas, no prompts, no inspiration,
My phone gives another echoing buzz.
I sip my tea and groan aloud;
How did it come to this?
It’s as if my pen has hibernated -
And my brain along with it.
My watch goes tick,
The clock goes tock.
And suddenly I have a lightbulb -
Why don’t I write about the struggles...
Of having Writer’s Block!
So here it is, the full kit and kaboodle
For you all to enjoy,
Take a break, feel free to relate -
For we can all beat Writer’s Block!

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