My story
I ran.
I ran since the beginning.
I ran from my fears.
I ran with my happiness.
I ran for pleasure.
I ran growing up.
I blinked and got out of bed. What time is it, I wondered as I slowly opened the blinds carefully trying to not disturb my seven year old sister who was still sleeping. The sun was not out yet and the whole city lay sleeping before me, with the occasional car driving by the highway. I squinted at my watch. 4:30 am, it read. I was jet lagged, really jet lagged. I had just come back from Toronto, from a cousin’s wedding and had to start school a weak late. I wasn’t tired, so I decided to use my time to get ready for school.
I got out my backpack out of storage and started putting in my stationary and everything else that was needed for school. I finished packing and realized ten minutes had passed, so I dragged my bag to the the front door and went into the kitchen to get a drink.
As I sipped my juice, I heard a door opening, the light coming on in the hallway and footsteps. “Jean?” my sister asked turning her head around a corner.
“Hi Kate.”
“What’s the time?”
“Look at the clock yourself.”
She turned her head. “Four forty five” She whispered.
“Are you still tired?” I ask.
“Have you packed your bag for tomorrow? You know we start school, right?”
“No, I haven’t”
“Go do it. I make you a drink too.”
“Thanks,” she replies walking away.
As I make Kate’s drink, I think about school. Will my friends be in the same class? Will my teacher be nice? Will she be strict? Who will be new? Have I missed anything important?
“Jean, I’m done.” Kate says cutting into my thoughts. I pass her the drink and we sit down at the table. “So....” I say, “are you excited for school?”
“I guess, I just really hope I’m with Stella.”
Kate had met Stella in first grade. They had been besties since. I nodded my head. I just really wish I was at least with Sophia, Betty or Nicole, my best friends. Well, I guess I’d find out tomorrow, or rather, in a few hours.
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