When choosing allies, choose your friends
The Other World
Prologue / Information
You know the world you’re living in right now? Earth? Well, there’s more than one world. There’s actually two. Well, not really. It’s all the same world, just two different sides. Just like on a sheet of paper, or the cover of a book. Our world, Earth, is the flip side is Wosmonoe. Then, of course, there is a Middle. This is where you go when you die on either side. Although, a few people are missed when being sent to the afterlife, causing them to walk either world eternally, never getting to rest in the afterlife. Let me give you a few details in a presentation form.
~like Earth
~one continent
~the flip side to Earth
~run by a “Lord God”
~Five castes:
*Bishams (gods)
*Holy Women (wives of gods)
*Histines (priests and preachers)
*Shudrams (Common people)
*Hestinettes (Anyone who isn’t a citizen)
^All castes are equal, no mistreatment, but Gods, being gods, live palaces with servants.
~Skullies (pets/ servants in the form of skeletal voodoo dolls)
Here is an image of what someone from Wosmonoe would usually look like:
Now, some facts on Earth:
~Like Wosmonoe
~Many continents
~the flip side to Wosmonoe
~run by Presidents, Senators, Kings, Queens, Mayors, etc.
~Three castes:
^Many castes are not treated equally due to some believing they are better than others.
~Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds and other creatures are used as companions and pets.
Here is an image of someone on Earth:
And now, last but not least, here are facts on Middle:
~Not like any world
~One land all together, no seas or oceans
~The barrier between worlds
~Run by one soulful ruler and hisson, like God and Jesus
~No castes, all are equal
~Homes for all in this world
~There ae two parts to this world:
*The land of the rewarded:
^When you die, that is where you go for living a good life
*The land of eternal punishment:
^You go here if you have commited eternal sin in your life, such as murder, repetitve theft, bullied someone until they felt horrible about themselves,
~The ruler’s wife watches over the two worlds, making sure everything goes well, occasionally causing bad weather if the people in those worlds have done horrible things and must be punished, making sure that the dead make it to the afterlife, and taking care of her children in the two worlds. She is the mother of all life.
Here is an image of someone living (sorta) in Middle:
(Human on Earth)
(Weath on Wosmonoe)
Now, you know all the basic facts on all of those worlds. Want to know how I know all of this? Well, it’s not just me who knows it. My best friend is from Wosmonoe and I’m from Earth. And this is our story.

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