“Like any True Love, It Drives You Crazy.”
Playing With Fire
Before you start reading, I want to say that that this story for mature readers. I’m sorry, but I only write for mature readers. If you can’t handle it, then please don’t read, but if you can, enjoy! :D
“Hey, come back here!” yelled one of the guards.
I kept on running. My ponytail became lose and my long brown hair flew everywhere. I wasn’t thinking about getting caught, because I had done this loads of times before.
People think it’s bad to steal, but I do it everyday. It’s my normal job.
Where was Calvin? I kept thinking. He was supposed to have my back.
“Hey, Audrey,” said a voice. I stopped. I looked up on a roof to see Calvin with his usual smirk.
“Where the hell were you?” I yelled at him.
“What?” he replied. “I was coming. I had to take care of something.”
“Whatever. Now let’s get going.” I heard the angry guards follow behind me. I couldn’t see them, but I knew they were close.
“C’mon. It’s almost morning,” said Calvin. I looked at the dark sky. It was getting brighter.
I climbed up to the roof and started jumping roof to roof. The guards were chasing after us on the ground. I made faces at them, which angered them more.
“What’d you get?” asked Calvin.
“All I could get was the necklace that belongs to Lady what’s-her-face,” I said, holding onto my satchel, which the necklace was in.
“You broke into the manor?” asked Calvin, shocked.
“Yeah. It took a while, though. Maids were all around the place. Had to distract ‘em.”
Up ahead, we could see the bridge which separated the town and castle from the country side. We live in the country side on a small farm. Luckily, no one knows where we live. And there’s a reason for it.
“You ready for the getaway?” I asked. Calvin nodded.
We both jumped off a roof on the opposite side the guards were in and started running. We made our way past chickens on the dirt roads. Just before we could get to the wall that surrounded the town, we almost bumped into a puppy.
It looked at us, all sad, like it had been abandoned. We could hear the guards behind us.
“C’mon, Audrey. We need to go,” said Calvin. “Or they’ll find our secret passage.”
Without thinking, I picked up the puppy and ran. Calvin chased after me.
“What the heck? Why’d you bring that puppy?” he asked.
“Because we can’t leave it!” I yelled at him.
“Sometimes I don’t think you’re a thief at all.”
We arrived at the wall to our usual spot. I tapped a brick while Calvin tapped another. The wall made a noise and a passage opened. We walked inside and could hear the guards again. The wall slammed shut, and everything was turned to black.
Calvin and I were used to it. We had been in this passage so many times before. We found the passage when we were smaller. We decided to hang out in it. When we got older and started stealing, we used magic to open a close it. Magic was forbidden, so it was hard to get. There was a law stating no one could use magic, because the king wants it all to himself.
The puppy started barking loudly. No one could hear us since the walls were too thick.
“I think I’m going to call him Rogue,” I said.
“Why that?” asked Calvin.
“Because he looks like he’s used to the dark.”
We got to the end of the passage. We put our cloaks on, so we wouldn’t be seen. I put one over Rogue, too. We both put our hands up against the wall and, it opened to the bridge, which was the only way to get into the town, since water was all around the town and castle.
We walked across the bridge. The sunrise made the water shine. I looked at the sunrise. This was my life in the Kingdom of Savanna.

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