there are consequences to a love
“Good night, Alex,” Mum murmurs, clicking the lights off and closing the door.
“Night, Mum,” I call.
I wait until her footsteps fade away completely, then I snatch out my laptop and slide it open. I’ve been doing this, every night, for two years. I open a Word document, named ‘What We Are’. I begin to furiously type.
I feel cold sweat decorating my hands as I grip my sword handle. I try to remember everything Catherina has ever taught me in sword-fighting and taekwondo. Okay..... always find out the enemy’s weakness, their strength, how to make that your goal....
The clock softly ticks on.
“I can’t do this, Jay,” I turn to my old childhood friend. “What if we lose the battle? What if my sister dies? She’s only 16!”
“Oh, Milla! I’ve never seen someone so good at sword fighting they could match you! You are bound to your sword, I have seen with my own eyes how you polish it each evening and hang it carefully in your room. You will be fine, and your sister will be fine too,” Jay says fiercely.
I stare at my leather boots that were once my mother’s. She didn’t survive the battle against the Japanese.
2:00 am. I stretch for a moment, then continue to write, my laptop reflecting the unnatural light in my deep blue eyes.
The English shriek out their terrible battle cry and race forward on their horses. They are all perched forward, cruelly urging their horses forward. I feel sympathy for the poor horses, then that is all I think of before Samuel charges forward on his horse. The front two lines are the only ones that have horses. What if we lose? What if we lie, dying, as the English take over France?
No more what ifs. I must fight. I nudge Midnight forward and he dashes towards the English.
“We’ll make it, Midnight,” I whisper, and then lift my chin proudly. My sword goes up as I meet with an English soldier. He tries to dodge and instead, topples off his horse. I race on..
I clash with English soldiers from every side, Midnight bravely fending off a few himself as I decide to get off him. It seems to go on a long time but I have no time to think, no time to be afraid; I must use every spare moment to dodge, stab and duck, kick and bruise.
I faintly see Jay fighting his way towards where I am. I don’t think about it.... All I think about is that I am so tired..... So tired.... And I want to stop....
A strong hand clutches my shoulder. It’s Jay. I stop fighting for a moment to look up at him. It was the wrong decision. Pain shoots into my side and I fall to my knees, dropping my sword. Jay falls beside me after a few moments and the English leave to somewhere else. He stares at me with pleading eyes. I reach out to him, but the light has already left his eyes.
Still clutching my side, I gaze at him. “No,” I whisper as I stare at him. My friend, and supposedly lover, can not be dead. I reach under his clothes and feel for his heartbeat. There is no healthy heart pounding underneath. Tears stain my face and I reach for my sword. I grew up with him. I will die with him. I take a deep breath, my last, then plunge my sword to my chest. Before the tip reaches into me, my sword is snatched away. I look up.
Felicity. My sister. She’s crying, tears flooding down her face. “Please! Milla, you can’t kill yourself! Don’t leave me!” And she plunges herself into my arms, her tears contagious. I rock her backwards and forwards, our tears blending together on the ground, creating a sea of despair around us.
3:30 am. I sigh regretfully. Guess it’s time for sleep, I lay down my laptop and roll over in my bed, reluctantly giving up to the drowsy weight on my eyelids.
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