Norbrook Youth Jail 2032
My name is Eliyaria, or Aria as most people call me. And I currently reside in the Norbrook Youth Jail. Why? Let me tell you.
_It was the year 2027, and the third world war had just started. I, along with my family was forced out of our home. At this time it wasn’t uncommon to be forced onto the streets. The city needed buildings. The materials they were made of, more shelters for the soldiers, places for the wounded. Luckily the war wasn’t nuclear, everyone had agreed no nuclear weapons so that we didn’t completely destroy earth. But it was a full blown war. Every country for it’s self.
Anyways, one night we were all sleeping when the bomb hit. All I remember is a blinding flash and a loud boom. Then I was waking up in a makeshift hospital without a family.
This was back when I was 12. After I had healed the hospital released me back into the streets. I was a street orphan. I had no one, and I had nothing. For a year I scavenged for whatever food I would find. I hid out in broken down houses and sheds and gathered scraps of fabric for warmth.
A year went by and the war continued showing no signs of stopping. I was almost 14 when I decided I had had enough. I broke into every house and store I could find. I got into fights with all kinds of people and I gained quite the reputation. The city eventually decided they’d had enough of me and brought me here._
I’ve been living here for three years now. Stuck inside behind some purple electric bars. I don’t know if the war has stopped. I don’t know what the world looks like outside anymore. But what I do know is this is a youth detainment facility, and I’m almost 18.
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