I shuffled uncomfortably in the heat of the room. My mother, the queen of Akanam, was giving a long speech about something exciting she had in score for everyone. I felt like yelling at her to tell us about it already.
“Are you all excited to hear about it?” she yelled to everyone in the pavillion. I guess it’s not a “pavillion”, technically. It’s a large titanium room, kind of like a capsule big enough to fit a city, which is pretty much its entire purpose.
“Well, as you all know, I happen to have two daughters, instead of the customary one female child,” she continued, gesturing toward me and my sister, Kyla. “If I only had one daughter, I would not be holding this meeting. Since one of my daughters has to kill me to get the throne-” She said this with a cheery voice and expression- “there should only be one. However, since I had twins and did not kill one on the spot, they will have to fight each other to get to me.”
Wait, what?
“Although, just watching them fight to the death would be boring, agreed?”
The crowd shouted their agreement.
“So, we will have them go down into the Labyrinth! Both will probably not find the exit before dying, and if they do, we will have them kill each other! Then, just for fun, I will send the remaining daughter down into Tartarus to see if she is worthy of being queen.”
I was beginning to sweat.
“Ah, yes. Both daughters will wear a small camera which will play on television so that everyone here can watch their trials!”
Everyone cheered.
“Alright, girls, you have fifteen minutes to prepare for the Labyrinth. I suggest you bring plenty of food and water; you may not find the exit for many years.”
This was sounding better and better.

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