Chapter 1 - The Guy, The Girl and The Shoes
Hi, I’m Emma. I’m over here wondering how I got into this mess. This is the worst! I guess you don’t know what I mean. Maybe I should explain a little bit better. Hi, I’m Emma Twinkle! and I go to Riverton Middle. Today was suppose to be awesome but turned out to be the absolute worst day EVER! Let me start from the beginning.
It all began when I was going shopping with my mum and dad. I had just earned a hundred and fifty dollars on my weekly allowance and I was hoping to buy new Maybelle Beau shoes at Gigi! My mum and dad however went to the coffee shop instead. As I was on my way to Gigi I saw this homeless guy begging for money. He was wearing rags and didn’t have any shoes on. He came up to me and I was terrified. I couldn’t move. He said to me “Do you have any change? please I need money to feed my family”, I was so scared I blurted out “You should work for your own money, stop making up lies so you can get pity out of people”, then I kicked him.
He looked sad and said “Ok, I’m sorry to have bothered you”, and then he walked off. I ran as fast as I could, I couldn’t believe what I just done. I made sure I didn’t see him on the way so I hid myself in crowds of people until I got to Gigi. I walked to the counter and out off puff I asked for a pair of Maybelle Beau shoes but she said “Sorry we just sold out that lady over there just bought the last pair”. I was so furious if I hadn’t talked to that homeless guy I would’ve been able to buy the shoes in time. I walked back from the store and I saw an a group of people surrounding an injured man. It was the homeless guy. I left as soon as I could.
By the time I came back home I was tired. It was already night! I was about to go to sleep when there was a knock at the door. I figured someone else would answer it so I just ignored it. However no one else answered it so I decided to get out of my warm, cozy bed and even now I still regret it. I opened the door and then something hit my head leaving me unconscious.
It was around 9 am when I regained my consciousness. I was late for school! but instead of waking up in my normal bed I was sleeping in a cardboard box. I was confused. There was a baby and a little girl next to me. I was wearing rags and had no shoes on. I realised I was the homeless guy when I had seen the same area before. The homeless man wasn’t lying he really did have kids! The girl woke up and I didn’t know what to do. She said to me “Daddy, I’m hungry”, and without control I said “I know honey, I’ll see what I can do” in the homeless guy’s voice.
For the rest of the day I was begging people for money however everyone either kept their distance or was being really rude to me. I was so hungry and I couldn’t think of anyone else. This lady came up to me and gave me some bread I was going to eat it but then without control I gave it to the kids instead. I forgot all about them. I was still hungry so I kept begging. Then I saw her, it was me! I went up to me. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, but out of control I said “Do you have any change? please I need money to feed my family”. I remembered what I said to the homeless guy and knew the answer off by heart.“You should work for your own money, stop making up lies so you can get pity out of people”, then the other me kicked me. It hurt so much.
I started to tear up when I thought of the homeless guy and how I treated him. I replied without control once again “Ok, I’m sorry to have bothered you”. I walked off into the shop so the other me wouldn’t see me cry. I fell on the ground in the shop. The pain of when the other me kicked me hurt so much. The homeless guy’s daughter came up to me and cried “Daddy! Somebody help! Don’t worry daddy you’ll be ok”. A group of people surrounded me. Guilty. Selfish. The words repeated in my head. What had I done to him? Maybe If I hadn’t done that to him I wouldn’t be in this mess. A tear fell from my face as I saw the other me running away. I fell conscious again.
I woke up it was the same day all over again! I was confused even more! I was in my bed that morning and I heard my mum calling me to go shopping! Straight away I got my piggy bank, smashed it and got all of the money out. Looked for any change I could find and brought a bunch of food with me. My parents looked confused but I was happy! I wanted to make them as happy as I could. I was hoping that they were still there and not just a figment of my imagination.
I arrived at the place where the homeless guy was and as I remembered he was begging for food and money I rushed to him as fast as I could! I gave him the money and food, and all of the sudden he burst crying. I was so happy I went to the shops and I bought them clothes and shoes. All I could think of was helping them. This lady came up to me and saw the deeds I was doing, but, it wasn’t just any lady! it was Maybelle Beau HERSELF!! I was about to scream and shout. Maybelle said “I’ve seen you helping this man, I really love people like you! Here take these shoes”, and she walked off in a crowd of paparazzi. I looked at the shoes and it was signed by her! I was so happy and so was the homeless man.
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