Life Changes With a simple touch
The Bully
I Bullied My Real Love
Hi. My name is Vanessa Fawnbigster. I only want to be popular... and to have respect. Better tell you my story. Better start where it started to now and then from now to the end. The end... what will the end be? Why is life so... confusing. Here is my side of every bully story people has maybe told you of me. I am a bully at school... and i’m bullied at home. Here is my story from the start:
“McKenzie. MACKENZIE!” I yelled. She was sooooooo not as cool and popular as me. OK OK. She was cool and popular. Almost as popular as me.
“ Yes Vanessa?” McKenzie asked. She was always so calm.
“I heard about you not telling me about secret files. Tell. Me. Now. Or else I could make you get bullied for life AND get in trouble for life. Plus, go to jail. By attempted murder.” I whispered. Her face darkened.
“OK OK. I heard from the files that Ms. Heartfelt is going to retire. Our mean teacher and is going to be replaced. By what it sounds like, an even meaner teacher. Mrs. Evilgone. From what I guess she will be awful!” McKenzie said.
“Huh. Well, we will just have to see how this plays out, won’t we.” I said. The nerd Michel came up to me and smiled nerdly.
“Hi Vanessa. I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me?” Michel asked.
“No. Why would you even try to ask? I told you no! Get away from me nerd! He looked surprised The truth hurts huh? Now get out of my sight!” I said. He ran away crying. I felt bad but, if I din’t do that I would show nerdy and unpopular. That would spoil everything i’ve worked for. He would just need to deal with it. Even if I really did love him.
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