Fish Out of Water
“Mommy, mommy!” shrieked four-year-old Minnie May.
“Look! I see the fish!”
“Do you?” I asked with a smile.
“Yah huh! Right...there!” she pointed right by the edge of the lake.
“WOW!” she said, eyes huge.
“Mom, the fish is bigger than me!”
I rolled my eyes.
“Of course it is, honey.”
“It’s HUGE! And it’s looking at me! He want’s me to come play, mom! I wanna touch it, mommy!”
“No, honey. It’s too deep! You could fall in and get all wet.”
“I don’t care. I want to touch the fishy! He wants me!” stubbornly she stomped her foot.
Then, a large piece of earth gave way right under where she stomped!
Minnie May toppled into the fast currents.
“MINNIE MAY!” I screamed, and jumped into the water after her.
I thought I could stand in the water, but then BOOM the bottom was gone, I gulped mouthfuls of lake water.
I choked.
“Minnie—Minnie May, WHERE ARE YOU?”
“Mommy! Mom—!” I heard her stop.
I panicked, still trying to stay afloat in the current.
“Good! Keep talking!”
Oh, dear God, no.
Please, please no.
But all too soon, I heard the waterfall.
“Mommy! I’m okay! I’m holding onto a rock! But it’s slippery—I can’t hold on much longer! Oh, Mom, I want you!”
“I’m coming, Minnie May! Oh, by God, I’ll get you!”
I swam with the current until I spotted her.
“There you are, honey! Come here and I’ll try to swim us to shore,” I said as I paddled up to the rock.
“We are NEVER going camping again.”
I grabbed the blue cardigan she was wearing, expecting my daughter to come along with it.
But all I got was the cardigan.
“MINNIE MAY!” I screamed.
I looked out onto the horizon.
Just fifty feet away...the rushing waterfall stood.
“Minnie...Minnie May?” I whispered.
The worst.
The most possible.
Worst thing.
Just happened to my daughter.
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