A STORY of two lovers who got through life together...
The Story Of Us
Emma was 13 when she first saw Mike. Emma was a bright, cute girl, although she still had her secrets. Not even Mike knew about Emma’s impressive, distinctive powers until she just had to tell him as they were getting too close to lie. As a young girl Emma never knew she was capable of anything more than 12x12 but she was just oh so wrong, with every step she stood, something magical happened. Row apon row of unicorns, mermaids and fairies lined up every night to get sent to the world in hope to find Emma to tell her what her powers could do, as well as telling her what they were. Slowly, every night of Emma life was getting harder, her head started to hurt, her school work was getting worse and she really needed help, from someone, anyone would do all she needed was someone to make the days fun again, help her smile. Nightmares take over her delightful dreams, Curses take over her world, everything was falling out of place until the day of Emma’s 13th birthday....
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