The hunt: For love or for treasure?
The Hunt
Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch. The crunching of the leaves disrupted the silence that hung in the foggy morning air. Elizabeth looked around the forest, brushing past shrubs and bushes as the insects and animals scurried away.
Berries, she thought, Where are they? Elizabeth stared fixedly at the rows of firs, scanning for berries. She spotted a few red, plump ones clinging on the branches, as if asking to be plucked.
Aha! Ripe, red, juicy berries. She thought happily, then reached out to grab a few and daintily dropped them into her sack, before hearing a shrill beep and reaching into her sack once again.
She took out a grey device, the size of a chicken’s egg and the graphics up to the latest technology. It was a FauxFly, one of FauxFlyer’s best devices. She tapped a few numerals and letters into it and took off, back to the tent she housed with three other girls.
A few berries rolled out of her sack. “Dang,” Elizabeth muttered, and knelt down to pick the berries up. Turning towards the bushes, she made her way back home.
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