Can Joy and Tyler save The city before It’s Too Late?
3 Days
The Stranger
I held the trash bag as I strolled through the alley looking at all the worn down apartments. I finally found a garbage bin and I lightly tossed the big plastic bag into it.
“So, honey... we are going to upgrade our house right?” a familiar female voice began. I glanced through the cracked up house with just a archway. I shoved my hands into my jacket’s pockets and cautiously peeked through the unfamiliar house.
I tried tip-toeing to the kitchen table where the voices were coming from.
That’s when my father caught his eye on me.
“Dad, who is he?” I asked.
“Tyler, he’s just a realtor that invited us yesterday,” my father explained smiling.
I suspiciously glanced at the feisty man with wild hair.
“I’ll go get some crackers over in the pantry,” I lied as I opened the door to the pantry. My mom said something but I ignored her and what? Why does this “realtor” have poison? I hope he doesn’t try to kill my parents!
“Uh...,” I nervously stuttered. I snatched the poison and sprinted out of the house. Breathing heavily, I felt confused expressions from everyone behind. I threw the poison on the ground. Phew.
A little kitten appeared before me meowing hungrily. But it started licking the poison. No! I picked the kitten up and put him in the garbage. Alley annoying.
“That was mean. The little kitten needed food. Yeah..I’m talking to you“ a girl his age said right behind me.
“Shut up,” I replied.
“Oh, and that guy in that house isn’t a realtor, he’s an murderer!”
“Doubt it.”
“You’ll see, he already killed my parents. So now I just live in this alley with a bunch of cats.”
“Oh, I thought you were just a cat lady.” I sarcastically commented.
But the girl just gave him an icy stare and shrugged. Whatever. Then I felt a tap on my right shoulder.

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