choose your own story
Hey there! Pandaactress here! I’m going to make a “Choose your own story” story first created by Formacal. The main storyline will be about a girl (YOU choose her name—vote up the one you like best!). Anyways, in these comments for this introduction, list suggestions for the character, but I’ll also be using other ones for future characters. I’ll choose the most popular (vote up!) and liked and use that!
Ready? At the end of each chapter, write what you think should happen next. Enjoy!
Hiya! Man, looking back (I think I first started this back in May 2015 or something. Too lazy to check!) I’m really happy on how this turned out. It’s February 2016 now. The book finished in June 2015, and even now it’s flying like crazy. Y’all are awesome!
If you’re new here, I’m a crazy freak, lol. But this book IS closed, so please refrain from name and idea suggestions, even though you all have the best ideas ever. Keep up the great work!
Feel free to continue reading, though. Thanks!
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