For The December Challenge
The Do-Over
I could’ve chose a million different things when I got the letter.
It was yellow, old, and written in parchment paper I had read about in history books. The ink was faded, and as I picked it up, I had realized it was as delicate as a flower petal.
It read,
Sure, you’ve made mistakes in your past, but time has passed.
A chance to do what was not done before, a chance to stop ignoring what’s hard to ignore.
Do it by midnight on New Year’s Eve,
And your do-over wish will be received.
So I did as it said, and at eleven o’clock, I stepped out onto my rental house’s deck. Snowflakes danced on my finger tips. I had been afraid the snow would damage the letter I was holding. But, oddly enough, it’d stayed together, almost as a supernatural force-field was surrounding it.
I’d licked my lips and shut my eyes. The main reason I had stood out onto my deck was because there was no family I was with who were telling me to come inside; nobody saying, “Honey, put a coat on! It’s freezing out!” Over Christmas, my family was left altogether at their houses thousands of miles away from me.
All of their flights had been canceled because of snow. So, on Christmas morning, I sat alone in my big rental house. Under the tree there were no presents, just scraps of fallen branches.
You wouldn’t believe how many tears could fall out of your eyes on Christmas.
I took the parchment paper close to my heart and sucked in a gulp of air. Suddenly, I felt a flutter in my heart. The world was transported from a gloomy New Year’s night into Christmas morning, a joyous time of celebration.
I recognized my parents sitting next to me, along with my cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews. They were each exchanging presents.
I didn’t say a word of the letter, for it had vanished. I just smiled all day, thankful for the blessings in my life.
When dinner came around, we all sat around the table and clasped our hands. With a breath, I said,
“Christmas is a time for love, happiness, jolliness, and, most of all, second chances. Merry Christmas, everybody.”
That night, I walked outside to my deck. Snowflakes danced on my fingertips, as they did that gloomy New Year’s Eve. But, something seemed different.
They floated off of my fingertips. The temperature started to heat up slowly, yet none of the falling snow was melting.
The snowflakes started to swirl around in different shapes and twist and turn in beautiful cycles. It took me a minute to realize that it my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. The snowflakes designed words that glimmered by the light of my multi-color Christmas lights.
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