A price is to PAy from all Who were spared on doomsday.
I struggled to catch my breath as I ran, ran faster than the eye could believe. Branches reached out and scraped against my skin, like they were trying to snatch me up. I managed to dodge sharp rocks and trees for as long as I could, but the whole situation in itself was to much to take in, as I tumbled down, down, down, flat on the scratchy forest floor. I tried to get up and keep going, never stopping, but I knew it was too late. I had been caught.
A figure cloaked in black appeared before me, reaching out to grab me. I rolled over to the side, scrambling as far away as I could, but they grabbed hold of my tattered sweatshirt. Then, I felt a sharp pain throughout my entire body, and blacked out.
5 hours later
I snapped awake, with a sickening sensation that something was dreadfully wrong. I looked around. I realized I was locked up in some sort of prison. Thick iron bars surrounded me. My head was blank, empty, like it was trying to remember…remember something it just forgot, but it was so important... UGGHHH. And yet my heart was full and heavy, so full of agony and anger, I started crying, screaming, thrashing about, thinking my world was over.
That was until I remembered. Everything came rushing back, it was overwhelming, overtaking, overpowering me. I was a warrior. My name was Annebeth. I battled Fear. Fear hunted me. I fought. I ran. I dodged. I never gave up. But I lost. Fear caught me. Fear would brainwash me. I would become part of Fear. I would become Feared. And hated by my friends. Hated by the world, in fact, but mostly just feared. Suddenly, footsteps pounded by my door, and looked up from my misery and pain and puddle of tears, and saw Fear’s face. The number 1 rule of the warrior was to never look Fear in the eye. And that’s exactly what I did. Pain soared through my body, and I was scared. Scared of myself. Scared of the body I lived in but had no control over. Scared of what I now am. I knew then I would literally live inside a form of fear for the rest of my life and all eternity after my life should probably end.
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