The Do-Over
New Year’s Eve and you’ve been given the chance to do one thing over—to turn it all around
“Wake up! It’s Christmas!”
Startled, I jump up from my bed and feel a shudder of joy at the realization. It was dark outside and my eyes felt droopy. It was probably 5 AM or even earlier but who cared on a Christmas morning?
Giddily, my sister grabbed my arm and we raced down the stairs, my brother in the lead.
“I bet I got the most presents!” My brother said, turning on the lights.
The first thing that caught my eyes was my brothers presents. He got a lot of presents I’ll admit. Confused, I started to search the Christmas tree for my presents.
“Wait a second, our gifts are on the table.” My sister said, tugging my arm.
On the table was a pair of pants for my sister and I. Grabbing the pants, I ran to the bathroom to try them on. Slowly, I tugged the bright red pants on and came to the realization that these pants were too big on me.
“This is so dumb!” I exclaimed, throwing the pants onto the floor and running out of the bathroom.
As soon as my parents came down they saw that I was growling and screaming at everyone about how I got the worst presents.
“Stop screaming! Go to your room.” My mother ordered.
Gaping, I rushed up the stairs, angered my parents were grounding me on Christmas Day.
The Do-Over
Knock, knock
“Open the door.”
I quickly walk into my parents room and smile.
“Merry Christmas!” I squeal, “I got the best pants ever, but the problem is that they don’t fit. Although, it’s fine, at least it fit sister.”
“That’s a great attitude. I’m so sorry about the pants though.” My mom says, “We are planning a day ice skating though. So get ready!”
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