Sequel to ‘my life’ and continuation to MAYSON’S journey
My Love
Life’s great, honestly...
I haven’t written for the whole of NY, and this is my last entry.
You see, the main point of this diary was that my life was topsy-turvy and I wanted it to settle, compiling my feelings in a book.
But now?
Life is great, Violet and the gang’s back again, Alisha’s made a new account, I am great friends with Jessica, Jade’s back with her cronies, I am great with Alisha again, and course, Jason- our relationship’s perfect!
And this is the reason why I’m stopping writing.
I’m back on the cheer team, we won the tournament...
And you can never believe what happened!
As to say sorry, Violet went overboard.
During the last match, she pretended she was hurt and this made me cheer the last match!
It was great!
And now we have a cheer contest coming up, inter-school...
I’m really excited!
I’ll miss writing in diaries, but then... I can’t always rely on paper and pen!
Bye! Diary!

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Chapter 2

Back to school (Jason’s POV)

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