I’ve been lying all my life. why tell the truth now?
my life is a lie
Mommy and Daddy
i lied to mommy
when i told her i was happy.
i lied to mommy
when i told her i didn’t miss daddy.
daddy thinks ive moved on
from missing him
and his smile.
but i havent. i just miss him more.
mommy tells me to smile
and laugh when someone
takes pictures of us together.
but i don’t smile
for real
daddy calls me every weekend
but he never comes to see me.
he’s always “busy” or “at work”.
sometimes i think that he doesn’t
want to see me.
i called daddy today
but he didnt answer.
mommy said that he was at work again.
she seemed mad.
mommy told me that i couldnt call daddy
i asked her why
and she yelled for me to go into my room.
i miss daddy.

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Chapter 2

Mom and Dad (One Year Later)

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