life of nancy
It was a dark stormy night the ship sawed side to side make half of us sick. Benjamin my secret crush stood there standing helping the elders get to their feet. Suddenly the alarm sounded we all stood frozen on our spots. The gruff sound of the captain can ringing out of the speakers and said ¨Well fellow crew we are going down. The ships engine has burst and we need all of you to swim or get a boat to the island quickly!¨he said. The the was a quite boom half of the engine had busted! I dived into the cold water. ¨Nancy! Nancy!¨ cried out. I looked up there Harrison my best friend stood pale in the face. ¨Jump! Jump!¨ I shouted. But he wouldn’t budge. BOOM! The ship exploded and Harrison with it to. ¨NO! HARRISON¨ I shouted but it was to late Harrison was dead.
¨Nancy! Nancy! wake up its 6:00 am! We will be late for our chorus and school!¨ cried an voice. It was Daisy. I shot up into the air. SCHOOL! YES! 6 whole hours away from Bright side Orphanage! ¨YES!!! THIS IS AWESOME!”I yelled but we still had to do the chorus dough but who cares! Mrs. Annah A.K.A Mrs. Grumpy was the worst person ever at Bright side. She always scares the kids with the whip she has and that she uses which is quite stupid to carry it for no reason am I right? Well I hope so! ¨Nancy, Daisy, Tiffany and Gretha I want you to do the rubbish and the dishes¨ said a voice. ¨AND I SAID ALL OF THEM IF THERE IS STILL ONE LEFT THEN YOU ARE DOING THE SWEEPING IN THE TOILETS!” it boomed. Mrs. Grumpy.
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