Anything can happen
Road Trip
“Did you pack your tooth brush?” Olivia asked. Her long blond hair reached past her shoulders, her green eyes sparkling were sparkling with adventure, and her skin was pale, ready to be tanned on the road trip.
“You’re not my mom, Olivia,” Eloise giggled. “I can’t wait! Are you sure Jason is coming?”
“I’m positive. What about Zach?” Olivia frowned, slinging her purple backpack over her shoulders.
Eloise smiled. Her curly brown hair were let down, and her blue eyes were shining like a clean plate.
“Zach told me he might be late, but you know him. He’s always unsure,” Eloise replied.
“ELOISE! JASON IS HERE!” A voice called from downstairs.
“Coming, mom!” Eloise called back. She grinned from ear to ear; the road trip was finally going to start.
“Yo,” Jason said, sitting in the driver seat of a red Chevrolet Cruze. His brown hair was swooped back, and his dark hazelnut eyes were charming.
“Hey, Jason,” Eloise giggled, sitting in the shotgun. “Where is Zach?”
“He told me to pick him up,” Jason smiled back. He glanced at Olivia. “Well, come on then. We don’t have all day.”
Olivia blushed and sat in the back. “Where are we planning on going?”
Jason reversed out of the parking lot. “I was thinking Los Angeles.”
Eloise’s eyes grew bigger. “That’s 16 hours away!”
“Well, it’s a road trip, is it not?” Jason grinned. He knew this would be Eloise’s reply.
Eloise shrugged and squeezed a bit closer to Jason. Jason was so cute to her; his charming eyes, his cool style...
Olivia raised a brow. Was she jealous? She always had little feelings for Jason...
“Ah, there he is!” Jason stopped in front of an apartment. Zach was running out, holding his grey backpack. His black hair was unbrushed his rectangular glasses were slipping down his nose.
“Hey guys!” Zach said. He sat next to Olivia. “Whatsup?”
“I’m so excited!” Eloise almost screamed. “This is my first time on a road trip!”
“I’ve always wanted to do this,” Olivia agreed.
“That’s a good thing,” Jason said. “Next stop, California!”
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