Clogged inside chronicles: book one
A World In A Toilet
An Unlikely Portal
“Come back here!” I shouted as my brother William ran out of reach. He had stole my favorite ‘prized possession’ toy car.
William is always annoying to me, and loves to prank me!
Where is he? I thought.
“Help!” William shouted.
He started running into the bathroom, and I was right on his heels.
“Stop!” I growled, but without my words, he threw my car into the toilet!
Suddenly, an extremely bright light blinded us, then I felt like I was in the air.
Poof! I dropped from onto moist land, William was next to me, groaning in pain. Musical noises greeted us. We didn’t know where it was coming from, but it still sounded familiar.
But what we saw was amazing!
There were trees with rainbow leaves, on one side was a rainforest, on the other side was a huge glacier, in the air were dragons!
I turned to see what Will was doing, but I totally regret it.
He had poo smothered all over his face!
“It was the dragon!” William sobbed.
The weather was a bit strange: it was hot, then suddenly cold!
It was hard to breathe, because the air was somewhat different.
There seemed to be water, but it was brown, it stank too.
“Wonder if there are people here?” William wondered.
“Me too, wait look!” I could see villages across the hills!
There were people, but they looked smaller than humans.
They also looked quite different from humans, way shorter and had tiny eyes. However, they seemed very friendly.
They seemed to have houses that looked a lot like chocolate to me.
But rotten chocolate!
“When do we get back?” William asked.
“First, lets go explore! But it kinda stinks here!”
At that moment a giant flying skunk and a giant dung beetle came to greet us.
“Welcome to the world of Toilatto!” he farted while he spoke. “Get on my back and I will take you to Sewercity!”
I had no choice but to say “Yes, sir!”
I hopped on and William followed.
“Don’t call me sir!” the skunk exclaimed. “Call me Flying Pong!”
“And call me Flying Dung!” exclaimed the beetle.
“But sir!” William started. “What lives in the water here?”
“Very beautiful and stinky creatures! Like Octopongs!”
“What are they?” I asked.
“Oh, they are octopuses that smell good like us and can spray ink that smells even better!”
“What can you eat here?” Will asked.
This time it was Flying Dung who spoke. “Well we eat mostly rotten eggs and fly stew, they contain lots of protein!”
I was horrified at the thought.
“You can go back whenever you want tho!” Flying Pong said. “Just say, it smells nice here!”
I wanted to leave this stinky world, but I had fallen in love with it!
It changed the way I viewed toilets forever.
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