The beginning
Doomsday.... a day to remember.
Doomsday isn’t set it just happens.
-Sirens Sounds-
We were just eating in the cafeteria like usual when the least expected happened. The sirens for Doomsday went off. I grabbed Marcus’s hand under the table without thought. He squeezed my hand for reassurance.
“Alec what the heck is happening I thought the plant would give warning.” I stumble to say.
“Like I know I am not James’s friend anymore he stopped telling me things when the plant closed.” Alec said sternly while grabbing his bag.
I drop Marcus’s hand and grab my bag too. I notice his change of look, I mouth, sorry.
Doomsday is the name for the day the Shipman’s Plant causes problems, so we think.(it was named ahead of time) Anyways the Shipman plant has been doing experiments rapidly with animals and DNA rewriting formulas, the public doesn’t know much about it but we do know that their experiments are dangerous and even deadly.
James Shipman a sixteen year old jock related to Miles Shipman the founder of Shipman’s plant. James and Alec were best of friends until the government found out about the experiments at the plant, James dropped Alec like boyfriend that cheated, he ignored anything that had to do with Alec and left it as that.
This story starts only two weeks before the Real Doomsday happens when, thats when the sirens go off.
My name is Reia Anei Mea yeah weird name I know but I like the uniqueness to it thanks mom and dad. Anyways I am sixteen and I have a twin brother named Charlie... yeah Charlie and Reia don’t really go together but whatever. I have an older brother name Alec who is 17 almost 18 and a younger sister named Marley who is 14 recently.
The family we have known forever now are the Jacksons there is Marcus, Bethany and Felix. Marcus is 16 and in my grade, Beth is 14 and Marley’s best friend and then Felix is 7.
My best friend is Carla Sean and don’t even try to pronounce it I always get it wrong even though I have known her forever. She has a little brother named Ben who is 10 and she is 16. They have 2 moms and maybe thats why she is so hard to get through because she puts up walls and tests people to see if she can trust them and then tells them about her family she never let anyone know. Any sleepover she had she would say that her mom Meanka was her actual mom and her mom Ruby was actually her Aunt and helps because their dad left. (which is true he wanted to help with the kids because he was in love with Ruby but she turned him down because she was married and he just left)
Anyways see you in the next chapter.
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