A story with frIends, Fireflies, and smores of course!
First day.
My bags were finally packed. I can’t wait to go to camp. A whole summer away from my older brothers. “Kate, it’s time to go!” my mother yells from downstairs. With a bag in each hand, I hauled my suitcases down the stairs and into the trunk of our car. As I looked at my house for the last time in two months, I thought that I couldn’t wait for this adventure to begin.
When I step out of the car, the entrance to the opens into an array of cabins, up on a hill. In front of me there are picnic tables. I can tell there is more to the camp, but I’m focused on getting registered. My mom takes me to one of the picnic tables, where two friendly looking people greet me.
“Hi! I’m Amy, and this is Donn. We’re two of the camp counselors here at Blue Moon Summer Camp : Ages 14-16.” My mom handled the details, and soon enough, I was free to start unpacking my bags and get settled. Now comes the hard part: saying good bye to my mom.
I started by giving her a big hug. “Don’t forget to call me about how things go. I love you bunches.” She looked at me and smiled. “I love you too! Bye!” I watched as she drove away.
I looked down at the plastic bag I didn’t even realize I was clutching. Inside was the weekly schedule, a toothbrush, a map, and the number of my cabin: fifteen. I start walking, looking down at my map to see if I’m headed in the right direction. Before I know it, I bumped into someone and my stuff went everywhere.
“I’m so sorry!” I looked up to see who I bumped into. A girl with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes stared back at me in disgust. I dropped to the floor to start gathering my belongings, but she just looked at me and said, “Watch where you’re going!” and walked away.
There were already some girls when I got to my cabin. Bunk beds lined the floors. I saw a girl who was by herself on the bottom bunk, so I asked and grabbed the top.
Suddenly, someone older than us walked in. “Hi! I’m Andie, your cabin leader. I’m here to watch you, help you, and basically just be there if you need anything. It might take me awhile to remember your names, so let’s all gather round while you guys tell me your name and age.”
I went first. “Hi... I’m Kate. I’m fourteen, and I just finished eighth grade.” Next was the girl with the black hair. “Hey. I’m Maya. I’m sixteen.” Third was a red-head. “Hi! I’m Bethany. I love animals.” The girl in the bed below me was named Harper.
There were about ten girls in our cabin. Some other names I heard were Olivia, Paige, Sierra, Libby, and Riley. I guess these would bey first friends.
Andie left us to ourselves after that. It was almost time for dinner. I looked into the mirror. I saw my dirty blond hair, sea green eyes, and bookworm-ish glasses stare back at me. This is going to be a great summer.
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