A love story
Breaking News..
I was walking down the crowed halls, when I suddenly got pulled out of the crowd.
“What the-? Oh, it’s you Josh, you could’ve just asked me to come.” I said.
“Yea, but it’s easier this way.” he replied smiling.
“So.. what? What do you want to ask me?” I asked curiously.
“Right, Allison asked me to the dance! Should I go?” he asked, the worst part was.. he was excited..! I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces..
“If you want to.. w-what ever. I- I’m late. Bye..” I mumbled, struggling to hold back my tears. I ran away.. disappearing into the crowd.
“Sara! Wait! What happened!?” he shouted after me. But it was too late.. I was long gone.
I didn’t pay attention half the class. My heart was dust. I ran home and knocked, wiping away my tears.
“Hey sweetie plums!” said my Mom, smiling.
“Hi!” I said trying my best to smile. Thank goodness she didn’t notice I was crying.. or did she? I sat in my room.. crying, silently into the night.
“What the-?” I mumbled. It was 1:23 in the morning. Josh texted me..
Josh: Heyy, what happened?
Me: Its 1am! Stop it, please!
Josh: ...Not until you tell me whats wrong..
Me: ...Josh. Please. This isnt the time!
Josh: Meet me at the Cafè tomorrow.. OK?
Me: Ok.
I turned my ringer off and went back to sleep..
Saturday; Cafè
I sat down and ordered two coffees and a pack of donuts. I checked my phone, it was 11:25, Josh was supposed to be here by now!
Noah: Hey :*
Me: ...
Noah: Wanna hang out today beautiful? ;)
Me: No, I have plans with Josh.
Noah: Wouldnt you rather be with me? ;)
Me: Nope.
Noah: Fine than.
Finally, Josh came.
“Hey!” he said when he sat down. Josh was so perfect.. ruffled blonde hair, blue eyes, amazing personality..
“Hey.” I said not returning the smile.
“So... Erm, what happened yesterday?” he asked.
“Nothing.” I replied.. I was lying.
“Something did happen!” he said back.
“You know what Josh? How about, you call your girlfriend and I leave!” I said getting up. Josh grabbed my hand.
“What the-? I don’t have a girlfriend!” he said still holding on to me.
I got his hand off mine, and practically ran away.
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