“Devento, I need my eye back.” I said.
“Fine, here Ey̷ֆtǟto̶r,” and he pulled out the Pure Eye. We switched eyes and I teleported away.
I reappeared at the edge of a cliff and in the distance, there was a giant robot.
Home is near...
I kept on teleporting around, reappearing closer and closer to my destination. When I reached to ocean I looked up. Resting on the clouds was a mountain. I flew up to it and landed on the clouds.
I waved my hand and at the base of the mountain, stone fell away and I strode in.
Light sparkled from above, the sky shone into the mountain, but no one could look in. Eventually the cave opened up and in the space, a gentle streams from all direction were winding to an island in the middle. There, concentrated light shone onto a staff, glowing bright. Trees wove themselves around the staff.
The scene was peaceful and graceful.
“Ey̷ֆtǟto̶r, brother, you came back...” a voice rang out.
I turned around. There stood a tall man with blond hair and blue - grey eyes.
“Yes Cǟrto̶r, I have,”
He studied me.
“You are still the same look, even reincarnated. Let me make you a god again.”
He wave his hand and the staff flew into it. He tapped me and started chanting. When he was finished, I felt a rush of power into me and I feel the blue power running in my veins. An aura light the cavern up with Cǟrto̶r’s. My aura.
“Now explain why your here,” he questioned me.
“I have a mission, and I need your assistance.”

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Chapter 2

My Mission Needs Me To Collect 3 Sins... Yaay

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