Betty and Abigial
I lived next door to Betty and Abigail. At the time their father was part of the ministry. My father was a sailor and my mother cleaned, cooked and took care of me and my sister, Margret. I helped my mother and never went to school, mother taught us how to read and write, but we never went to proper school.
One day, I was walking with Margret. We had been dropping off fresh biscuits to our friends. As we passed Betty and Abigail’s house, we heard screaming. I stopped Margret. I saw from the window that Betty was on the ground screaming about being pocked and pinched. But nobody was touching her. Her mother was looking down at her frightened. I pulled Margret to our house, but not quick enough to hear the words Betty said next. Witches.
Hey guys! I hope you don’t mind that this chapter is really short. I am basing it off of true events. Have you ever heard of the Salem Witch Trials? Well, Elizabeth (the narrator) and her sister are not real. Betty and Abigail are, along with their parents. I hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 2

The Start of the Trials

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